Secret Little Sparks

Fun and sexy cards to play with your partner anywhere... anytime...

Welcome to the Secret Little Sparks project! We've created a card game for couples. It's very unique and as you might have guessed,  it's quite sexual. We'd love to tell you more about it if you have the time to scroll down.

How It Works

Order the game at cost - $5.99 +  S&H.

Play it with your partner.

Decide its value and make a donation. 

Our PhilosOphy

The Game Itself

  • A game for all: Couples games should be able to be enjoyed by all genders and preferences.
  • Support sex-positive relationships: Exploration and equality between partners should be encouraged.
  • Never stop playing: The game should be played over the course of the relationship, not just in one sitting. 

The Way It's Sold

  • A wide accessibility: The lowest possible selling price allows the most people to participate.
  • Fair pay for fair work: Our personal profits should reflect the value we bring to you, not the price we set. 
  • Share the wealth: We will give 20% of every donation to a charity that helps fight against the dark sides of human sexuality.

Okay but...

Can I see some of the cards first?

Sure, check these out.

What if I have more than one partner?

We thought of that.