Secret Little Sparks

Fun and sexy cards to play with your partner anywhere... anytime...


     Secret Little Sparks is not a game meant to be played in one night. It won't tell you where to kiss your partner's body, or what position to use. It will however, give you some tools to explore your desires, as long as you're willing to help your partner explore theirs of course. We also don't expect every card to fit every couple. Human sexuality is like a Las Vegas buffet with no health code restrictions. If we made a game where everyone liked every card, it would have been a very boring game.


Throughout your relationship you and your partner will let each other draw cards from the deck for any and all reasons. These cards can be played once drawn at anytime, following any restriction written on the card. Here, have some examples!


We recognize that each relationship is different, which is why we tried to make the gameplay as fluid as possible. Most cards leave room to make them as tame or extreme as you'd like. You are encouraged to adapt the way you play, and create rules that fit your relationship.

Starting the Game

  • When you first receive the deck, you can look through all the cards  and take out the ones you don't think will work well with your interests or your relationship. Or don't look and let it be a surprise... 
  • It's recommended to start the game that each of you get to draw a certain number of cards to get things rolling: 3-5-7, it's up to you.

Playing the Game

  • From the moment  the game starts you can decide when your partner gets to draw a random card from the deck. Letting your partner draw a card is a great way to say thank you, I'm sorry, congratulations, we even like to use them as wagers for bets on who is right about something. How often you let your partner draw a card is completely up to you. Don't be afraid to ask for an opportunity to earn a card!
  • Once you have cards you can play them anytime as long as you follow any conditions written on the card. 


These should be made up individually by each couple. You guys know your relationship better than us. So have some fun sitting down and deciding what punishments or repercussions will occur if a card is failed or refused. This will be a learning process I assume, as our rules we play with have already changed multiple times. So be adaptable! Here are some of our rules if you want some ideas:

  • If a card is played and the recipient does not want to carry out the action because they don't like the card in general, the card is removed from the deck and the player can draw another.
  • If a card is played and the recipient does not want to carry out the action because they are not in the mood, the card is returned to the player to be used another time and a new card can be drawn (with the understanding that playing a card, knowing your partner isn't in the mood just to get a free card, is a dick move).
  • If a card is attempted and failed then a favor is owed.


  • Feel free to change anything to better suit your relationship. Whether a card states a certain numbers of orgasms, or days, or times, you know your bodies and interests the best, so adapt the game for you.

  •  Make your own little containers for your cards! Make homes for the ones you've already drawn, and the community cards waiting to be adopted.

  • Don't be afraid to offer blind trades or negotiated trades if you have a card that you think would be better off in the hands of your partner, due to any relationship dynamics.