Secret Little Sparks

Fun and sexy cards to play with your partner anywhere... anytime...

     Secret Little Sparks is quite an original game. From the way it's played, to the way it's sold. 

We held no attachments to the way things have been done before while creating this project. We live in a world craving and nervous to break free from sexual oppression. It's no secret that thousands of years of religion and patriarchy have molded society's ideas of what acceptable sexual practices are. We are part of the new paradigm and believe that love and sex are for everyone to explore in anyway they choose, with anyone they choose, consensually

     For compensation we are only interested in the true value of our product. What this means is that we are selling the game at the exact price it takes to manufacture and ship it with no profit to us. We encourage you to play the game before deciding how much it is worth to you. At which point you can return and make a donation if you feel inspired to do so.

    Finally we recognize the tremendous problems that exist in the world in regards to sexual freedom and equality. We would not be content creating a project on this subject that did not in some way attempt to help those in the worst positions.  Which is why we are giving 20% of every donation to organizations doing just that.