Secret Little Sparks

Fun and sexy cards to play with your partner anywhere... anytime...



Cost of Production - $5.87

The price is listed as $5.99 because per the marketing rules of The Game Crafter, the company we have chosen to manufacture and distribute our game, all games sold through their site must have a price ending in 99 cents. Of the extra 12 cents The Game Crafter takes 30%. We're sorry, there was no way around this. Your 8 cents belong to us now.


We offered to pay some of our artist friends to guest-design cards. We also used a free stock photo from, and some free clip art from

Mad Scientist Card designed by Claire Romain.

Sensational Card designed by Carlos Ruiz.

Clip art used from Qubodup, Papapishu, Bill_Ponzogna, Keistutis, Cyberscooty, Borboleta.

Background photo taken by Alexandre Vanier.